What is the General Vocabulary of Business Education?

November 28, 2018business studies

Successful and established businesses are those that are run by not only highly skilled employees but also an extremely professional management. Any business with unprofessionalism fails to succeed in the market. Professionalism is not only required in behavior in the organization but also the language and vocabulary being used there. Students studying business administration are specifically taught the terms and phrases suitable for business organizations. These terms and phrases create a professional environment in the organization and give the emails a professional tone as well. Following are the terms which would not only be a great assignment writing help but will also help you in your professional life.


Making things easier and smoother means to facilitate. Any person who facilitates another person is known as a facilitator.


Directing or arranging two or more parties (people or groups) is called coordination. The person responsible for coordination is known as the coordinator.


Dealing with things in a specific order or according to the urgency of the situation is to prioritize. Things which are needed to be done earlier are given higher priority than the rest.


Planning for a specific like any meeting, conference calls or deliveries at a certain time is to schedule them.


Putting things through a course of actions in order to achieve a specific designated result is to process. The noun is process describes the course of actions.


Providing someone with valuable reasoning or strong encouragement towards any task is to motivate.


Working or performing a task with another person or group to obtain a common goal is known as collaborating.


To supervise is to be directly in-charge of a person or thing and their performance.


Any piece of paper or computer file holding any sort of information is called a document. The creation of records and files is called documentation.


The amount of money assigned for a specific task is called the budget. The verb To Budget is to decide and plan the amount of money for a specific purpose.


To negotiate means to have a formal discussion over a topic and come to a mutual agreement on which all the parties agree.


To implement means to strategically enforce an action or a plan.


To communicate means to pass on information to another person or group of people.


To recruit means to find and hire suitable people for specific asks in the organization.


To authorize means to allow or give permission of something to someone.


The term Merchandise refers to the products which an organization buys or sells.


Inventory refers to the stock of products or items owned by an organization.


The term turnover has several different meanings. It could mean the amount of money received by the organization in return of sales, the rate at which company’s merchandise is sold and then replaced by the new stock or simply the rate at which the employees of the company leave and then replaced by new staff.


Distribution is the process o delivery of products or merchandise to the company’s store or business.


Profitability is the amount of money or profit gained through sales or business.

Above mentioned are the 20 basic terms used in a business environment and taught to business students. These are considered professional terms and anyone in a business environment must use these as a professional and appropriate conduct.


Along with knowing these terms there is also a specific attitude one should have in order to be able to successfully administrate a business. As easy as it may seem, business administration is equally hard and time consuming. Not everyone is capable of business administration and it is better to realize it before stepping in the word rather than regretting it later on. Following are few of the personality traits which must be present in an individual to successfully administrate a business.

Team Player:

Anyone with the personality of being able to work with a team is a team player. It is extremely important to be able to work with a group of people or in a team if you are thinking of going for business administration. Since a corporate business cannot run without a proper working team therefore, you will have to administer and manage a team or maybe several teams for which you will also need to work in a team in order to effectively handle all the operations.

Goal Oriented:

Having a goal-oriented attitude towards your work is important in every type of job and not just in business administration. However since the job duties of a business administrator is to manage the operation within the organization therefore it is more important for him to be goal oriented. His goal orientation attitude will push him toward getting the tasks done which will help the organization to maintain its results and reputation.


Being enterprising means to be able to identify and adopt new business opportunities. As a business administrator it is important for you to immediately grasp on any new opportunities which might benefit your business. A business administrator must always be ready to take risks and implement new strategies in the business to achieve better results.

Managerial skills:

Managerial skills are important to supervise and manage a business. Without the managerial skills, one would not be able to administer the business properly or manage the operations. Managerial skills will also enable an individual to successfully manage the teams and make them work to produce effective results. Above mentioned is the some of the basic information regarding business administration education. It is the basic knowledge to provide you with assignment writing help along with polishing your professional skills.